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Professional Piano Tunings


Piano Tunings

Our professional piano tuner is available for your piano tuning needs. It will be a 2 hour process that should be done at least twice per year. Schedule your tuning today!



As you may know, wood is dramatically affected by changes in the atmosphere. In most parts of the country, the summer brings a large amount of moisture to the air and causes the wood in a piano to expand. In the winter, the heater dries out the air causing the wood to shrink. These changes in the wood’s density cause the strings pressure to fluctuate. This is why it is recommended that the average piano should be tuned every time the owner turns off the air conditioning and turns on the heat and vice versa (about every 6 months).


Another factor that causes the piano to go out of tune is vibrations caused by continuous play or the piano being moved. When the hammer strikes the string it obviously affects the pressure of the string. In addition, the vibrations in the soundboard, cause even more fluctuation in the strings’ pressure.