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Unit 1911
Reston, VA 20190
United States


Summer Leport Chantilly Group Piano & Ukulele

LePort Schools, Chantilly

Summer Leport Chantilly Group Piano & Ukulele


Summer Leport Chantilly Group Piano & Ukulele

from 120.00

Using a combination of traditional methodologies and modern techniques, students will learn to read, compose and perform modern music pieces.

Student will get to do this by PLAYING Ukulele and Piano! This is a very fun and engaging way to keep all students involved in the class. Students will learn to read treble and bass clef, play triads in major and minor keys, play a variety of scales and learn how to improvise and compose. Our curriculum is modified to fit the ability of individual students and classes.

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Please make sure to mark all classes your child will attend. We require a minimum of 5 classes attend throughout the summer in order to attend.

If a date is not paid for then they will not be taken for that day!