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Music Programs

After School Programs are a fun and easy way to learn how to play an instrument and compose music.


Using a combination of traditional methodologies and modern techniques, students will learn to read, compose and perform modern music pieces. Students will learn to read treble and bass clef, play triads in major and minor keys, play a variety of scales and learn how to improvise and compose. Our curriculum is modified to fit the ability of individual students and classes.  


Our team-developed guitar curriculum focuses on the individual needs of each student. The techniques learned in this course will enable the students to perform with rock bands, school bands, guitar ensembles and to compose original music. This course can accommodate all levels of guitar students and is designed to accommodate each student individually.


Students will sing, dance and perform instrumental accompaniments to traditional and modern children’s songs ranging from the music of popular modern hits, to multicultural world music in a variety of languages. Critical listening skills will be taught through exposure to classical and modern orchestral pieces, where students will identify song form, instruments, dynamics and articulation used by composers to create artistic and emotionally impactful pieces. Beginner level music theory, including note and rhythm reading, will be taught through a series of fun games and group activities. The students will also have an opportunity to explore music through technology and will start to explore the use of garage band and recording devices.


A general music class designed for  vocal children ages 4-10 with immature or delayed social and play skills, targeting the umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorders, including, but not limited to: Asperger’s, High-Functioning Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and related play/social delays, including ADD/ADHD. Students will explore different kinds of musical Instruments, including Hand Percussion, Drums, Guitar, String instruments & Vocals. Students will explore how music is recorded and listen to music from all over the world. Curriculum is flexible to accommodate the interests of each class group.

  Special Needs Music Camp of 2016! 

Special Needs Music Camp of 2016! 

Kiddie Rock: 

Students will learn about various rock instruments to their age capabilities. Our arrangements will be customized to fit the age and voice parts of our rock students. Students will master the basics while playing actual rock music. Songs in Kiddie Rock are chosen to highlight the skills needed to build a strong foundation on a respective student's musical instrument. Students will explore group playing, solos, as well as learn about harmony, melody and various facets of rock playing in a fun group setting.

Rock Pro:

Professional instructors with real-world music production experience teach you how to record, mix, edit and produce digital music. Young teens will learn key music production concepts like songwriting and musical arrangement, in addition to learning how to create/modify sound even program beats and patterns. The entire process of making digital music is explored here. Students will learn how to arrange, perform and RECORD their own music. 


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